International Chromatography Conference Held in China for The First Time

Due to its powerful separation capability for complex systems, chromatography plays an important role in the study of various histologies (genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics).

International Chromatography Conference

With the development of information science and life science research, separation science research including chromatography will also find a new starting point in the history of human scientific progress.

As the country with the fastest economic development and growth rate in Asia at present, China, like most developing countries, is facing many challenges such as resources, environment, population and health, and sustainable social development. Chromatography is playing an increasingly important role in solving these major problems.

In recent years, China has achieved fruitful results in chromatography basic research, technology development, and application expansion. Holding an international chromatography academic conference series will not only promote the rapid development of chromatography science in China but also drive and promote the development of related petrochemical, environmental protection, life science, material science, and equipment manufacturing industries. This will play a positive role in improving China’s scientific and technological competitiveness and promoting international cooperation and collaborative research.

Among the three international conferences held at the same time, the International Conference on Chromatography was held in China for the first time. More than six hundred delegates from 29 countries and regions around the world attended the conference. Nearly sixty domestic and foreign chromatography instrument manufacturers and R&D institutions presented their latest instruments and related products at the conference.

The International Conference on Capillary Chromatography is the most prestigious academic conference in the field of capillary chromatography. It aims to reflect the latest developments in the field of separation science internationally, to strengthen communication among international capillary chromatography researchers, and to promote the development of capillary chromatography.

Since the first International Conference on Capillary Chromatography was held in Italy in 1975, it has been held 29 consecutive times until this year. The conference is held alternately in the United States or Italy every year, and this conference is the first time to be held in a country other than the United States and Italy.

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