The Importance of Reverse Osmosis Antiscalants

Reverse osmosis technology is one of the more mature technologies in the current water treatment desalination process. In the design and use process, combined with the actual situation and the user’s different water quality needs, a reverse osmosis water treatment system with different technological processes has been formed.

Some conditions will cause the water production and water quality of the reverse osmosis system to decline. Such as imperfect process design, improper operation, and added chemical agents that are not compatible with water sources. In severe cases, the reverse osmosis membrane element may even be damaged. Therefore, the protection of reverse osmosis elements is particularly important in the design and operation of the entire system.

The reverse osmosis process is a physical desalination technology. It uses the natural osmosis phenomenon to apply pressure greater than the osmotic pressure to the raw water. Through a semi-permeable membrane with selective permeability, the insoluble substances and most of the salts in the raw water are separated from the water molecules.

As freshwater continues to penetrate the membrane, salts and insoluble materials gradually concentrate. As the concentration factor increases, some insoluble salts will scale.

In order to prevent such scaling, RO antiscalant and dispersant are added to the reverse osmosis influent. Thereby inhibiting the generation of scales. Therefore, choosing a good RO antiscalant with good compatibility and good scale inhibition is an important issue in choosing reverse osmosis scale inhibition.

What is a reverse osmosis antiscalant? Reverse osmosis antiscalants are a highly effective scale inhibitor specially developed for reverse osmosis systems. This RO antiscalant can prevent insoluble materials or salts in the raw water from scaling on the membrane surface. Thereby improving the water production and water quality of the system and reducing operating costs.

Reverse Osmosis Antiscalants Characteristics.

  1. It can effectively control the scaling of inorganic substances in a large concentration range.
  2. Will not form insoluble matter with iron aluminum oxide and a silicon compound.
  3. Effectively inhibit the polymerization and deposition of silicon.
  4. Wide application range, can be used for reverse osmosis CA and TFC membrane, nanofiltration membrane, an ultrafiltration membrane.
  5. Excellent solubility and stability.
  6. It is effective for water supply with PH value in the range of 5-10.