Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid is an organic chemical compound with the formula N(CH2PO3H2)3. It’s a white crystal powder with a high melting point of 215°C and a density of 1.3 g/mL at 25°C.

ATMP has a solubility of 61 g/100ml of water. It’s a stable compound and has good chelating properties. Industrial uses of Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid are mainly based on this property. Applications range from water treatment to scale inhibition in oilfields, cooling towers, and corrosion inhibition.

Scale Inhibitor

The best way to deal with scaling problems on metallic equipment or pipes is to prevent its formation. ATMP acid is excellent chelating and thermal stability properties. That makes ATMP a good choice for scale inhibition. It works well at temperatures below 200C. It forms soluble complexes with various metal ions like calcium, aluminum, zinc, iron, and magnesium, among others.

Why Should You Treat Your Boiler Water with ATMP?

Boilers are very sensitive to the quality of water used. Presence of high levels of dissolved solids suspended particles, and sludge in boiler water is undesirable. They cause scaling of the boiler tubes thereby negatively affecting its efficiency. This results in higher costs of production.

Fortunately, with ATMP you can improve the boiler water conditions. Through chelating action, it makes hardness salts (carbonates and sulfates) remain in solution form. Therefore no deposition will occur. You can maintain the high efficiency of your boiler by regularly dosing this industrial water treatment product daily.

Apart from reduced efficiency, a scaled boiler can collapse. This happens when boiler tubes are heated beyond the melting point of the metal. It normally results from rising temperatures on the fireside as thick scales prevent effective heat transfer. The cost of replacing a boiler is too high. And that’s why it’s better to treat boiler water.

Oilfield scaling such as limescale (calcium carbonate) may lead to blockage of pipes or slow down fluid flow. Preventing this scaling in the oil and gas industry is important in maintaining high efficiency. ATMP 50 is recommended for use as a scale inhibitor in refinery and thermal power plants.

As Corrosion Inhibitor

Amino tris(methylene phosphonic acid) is also useful in preventing corrosion on various systems. Corrosion can occur in boilers, cooling tower water systems as well as chilled water. This is normally a result of oxidation by dissolved oxygen.

Extensive corrosion reduces the thickness of metal surfaces and may lead to pitting. Holes may result as well leading to leakages. Consequently, huge water loses will occur. Retubing or replacing boiler tubes/piping system is costly. Use ATMP to prevent corrosion and your maintenance costs will remain low.

ATMP can be used with polyphosphates, nitrites, and polycarboxylate compounds. It finds great applications in preventing scaling and corrosion in heat-transfer surfaces, pipelines, and oilfields. It’s particularly useful for use in high water hardness and saline conditions. Treating closed circulating cooling water systems against corrosion essential to avoid high maintenance costs.

Dosing of ATMP

The aim of preventing the formation of scales on heat exchange surfaces is to maintain the efficiency of such systems. ATMP acid is recommended to have a continuous dosing mechanism for effective treatment. It’s recommended to use 1-20 mg/L of this product to effectively prevent scaling. Use a higher concentration of 20-60 mg/L of the treatment product to inhibit corrosion.

As a powerful chelating agent, ATMP is used in printing and dyeing of textiles to chelate metal ions. It also has a great use in the removal of heavy metals from the environment. Treatment of metal surfaces with this chemical product is effective.

With the numerous industrial uses of this chemical compound, you may need it. Water treatment professionals can recommend the use of this water treatment solution for various systems.


This product shouldn’t be used together with strong alkalis as they’ll react.


This product is acidic and care must be taken when handling. Avoid eye and skin contact. If any accidental splashes occur, wash the affected area with a lot of water.

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