The Important Role of Scale Inhibitors in Boiler Water Treatment

Boilers are being used by more and more people to provide heat. However, the scale will occur after prolonged use, which will affect the heating efficiency of the boiler.

In order to protect the life and effectiveness of the boiler, some chemicals are usually used in boilers. Adding boiler water treatment chemicals can effectively prevent boiler corrosion and scale deposits. At the same time, it can avoid the quality of boiler superheated steam and affect the production and operation of equipment.

Proper use of water treatment chemicals will greatly increase the service life of the boiler. And it will also save costs. Therefore, choosing the right water treatment chemical is the best way to improve the life of the boiler.

Boiler Water Treatment

Advantages of Boiler Scale Inhibitor

The use of water treatment chemicals in boilers can increase the concentration of boiler water, reduce boiler water and save a lot of steam.

The use of boiler water to treat chemicals can reduce the energy consumption of the equipment, ultimately achieving energy savings and reducing equipment operating costs.

The boiler uses water treatment chemicals to reduce dissolved oxygen in the water. Prevent corrosion of water supply systems, steam and condensation systems.

The boiler can use a water treatment chemical to peel off and distribute the original dirt layer on the surface of the furnace tube to suppress scale generation.

The use of boiler water treatment chemical cannot only effectively improve the quality of superheated steam, but also significantly reduce the content of Na ions and SiO2 in steam.

Boiler water treatment chemical effectively eliminates boiler water pollution and entrains impurities, which seriously affects the steam quality and increases boiler water concentration multiple.

The Role of Boiler Scale Inhibitor

Effectively control the scaling of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and magnesium oxide in the boiler, affecting the heating effect of the boiler. The use of non-phosphorus formula, the corresponding environmental protection policy, the boiler operation process is safe and pollution-free.

Effectively regulate water quality, including sorghum, high magnesium, high sulfate, and high silicon water quality.

The scale inhibition effect is not affected by the trivalent Fe in the water.

It can improve the operational recovery rate of the equipment system.

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