What Is the scale inhibitor?

Scale inhibitors are very important chemicals for our treatment of water, whether it is for our life or production, work and so on. Therefore, we have analyzed the scale inhibitor according to the actual situation and tried to prevent the scale and scale of the product, so as not to affect the environment.

scale inhibitor ATMP

What is a scale inhibitor?

The scale inhibitor is a reagent capable of dispersing poorly soluble inorganic salts in water and preventing and interfering with precipitation of poorly soluble inorganic salts on the metal surface.

The scale inhibitor can remove scale, prevent scale formation, improve heat exchange efficiency, reduce electric energy or reduce fuel consumption; water treatment can also reduce sewage discharge and improve water utilization rate, usually saving more than 60%.

How to classify corrosion and scale inhibitors?

Classified according to its nature, it can be divided into organic phosphorus scale inhibitors, polycarboxylic acid scale inhibitors and reverse osmosis scale inhibitors.

According to the nature of environmental protection, it can be divided into environmentally friendly scale inhibitors and traditional phosphine inhibitors.

According to the performance level can be divided into high-efficiency scale inhibitors and common scale inhibitors.

According to the industry, it can be divided into various industry-specific scale inhibitors.

What are the advantages of using scale inhibitors?

Ensure maximum stability of water quality

Improve water use efficiency

Reduce water consumption and reduce production costs

It plays an important role in saving and protecting water resources, ensuring maximum stability of water quality.

At present, the main scale inhibitors on the market are mainly organophosphorus scale inhibitors. Representative products such as HEDP and ATMP.

A part of the functional group in the molecule is adsorbed on the surface of the crystal (nucleus) of the metal salt by electrostatic force to suppress crystal growth.

At the same time, the crystal grows abnormally and deforms due to the inhibitor molecules on the surface of the crystal.

The adhesion of the deformed crystal to the metal surface is weakened so that it is not easy to deposit the metal surface.

Scale inhibitors are just one of many water treatment agents. Water treatment chemicals are industrial water, domestic water, and chemicals that must be used in wastewater treatment.

We will not be able to better enhance the special performance of water treatment chemicals so that users can choose according to the industry classification, and have achieved more professional treatment effects to improve the quality of sewage treatment.

Developed an environmentally friendly green water treatment chemical. Eventually, achieve the goal of zero pollution.